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Dear community,

now I’m following in the footsteps of Finn, Thaly and Oreo, who I  appreciate very much as people and friends, and also for the work they have done for the community. You were and are great guys! I promise to always keep the title high and honorable, and continue to build our legacy together.

This title is a community title created by a team that saw the positive things we could do with it. We all place our hope in trustworthy representatives and I can now make a public contribution. Representing our interests, supporting, realizing and promoting many great projects.

You are all Puppy Germany and if you ever need me as a title holder, then I am at your disposal for advice, help or simply for more visibility.

Each of your dreams can lead to an idea, to its realization and if you work it out, we can all contribute to represent this unique and loving community in all its diversity.

I stand for a great sense of togetherness and community and want to connect us all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, impairments of any kind or the way petplay is lived out.

My focus topics are in the area of mental health and how we can work together to ensure a healthy state. Don’t give up, don’t give up, because no matter how gray it gets, each of us is important and part of a colorful world.

Furthermore, I would also like to provide sexual education and, in particular, take up the topic of one’s own sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases and create petplay-friendly and approachable projects from this.

I would also like to initiate a very personal project, which petplay means to me: an event for four-legged friends where we can simply play and live out what we love.

Let’s get started, the road is open to a colourful, open and diverse community.

Let’s be Puppy Germany together.



Election 2023

Velox got elected as Puppy Germany 2023 in Munich, July 1st 2023. According to the election rules 2023.

The Judges

Kirk (he/him)
Marshmallow (he/she/they)
Oreo (he/him)
Stefan (he/him)
Stupsi (she/her)

The Candidates

Twixx (he/him) - 1st runner up
Baxter (he/him)
Benjy (he/him)
Dragon (he/him)
Duke (he/him)
Hammy (he/him)
Lani (she/her)

Das Team

Thaly | Puppy since 2005 from Cologne. Puppy Germany 2019. European Puppy 2022.

Hero | Puppy since 2016 from Baden-Württemberg. Team Puppy Germany since 2018.

Joachim | Handler since 2003 from Cologne.

Oreo | Puppy Germany 2022.

Leon | Puppy since 2019 from Ostalbkreis.