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This is Velox

Puppy Germany 2023

Velox got elected as Puppy Germany 2023 in Munich on July 1st 2023.

What is Pup Play?

Pup (Puppy) play has it’s origins in the BDSM, kink and fetish scene. Today it is much more than that.

Primarily, pup play is often is a role play in which a person takes on the role of a puppy (dog).

This form of role play, with it´s many different facets, has attracted lots of attention in recent years. At the same time, it has become increasingly popular in the fetish community. Despite it´s popularity, the variety of perspectives, interests, experiences of pup play and the fetish community is worth noticing. Puppies associate very different social, sexual, kink and fetish interests with it. From exclusively non-sexual play, to socializing, sharing common interests about fetish, kink and sexual expression which any individuals sets different priorities to, can be found within the community.

About us

To highlight the diversity and inclusivity within the puppy community, we have decided not to designate a Mister or Misses title. In order to do justice to all genders, our idea was to establish the first fetish title that is elected without gender designation.


In 2018 it was time to follow European fetish community initiatives and to establish a fetish title especially for puppies in Germany. Until then, it was common for the gay fetish community to traditionally award a “Mister” title.

We, a group of puppies, handler and fetish lovers, have realized that such a “mister” designation cannot do justice to the spectrum of the queer community. That’s why we, as the world’s first group, have decided not to use gender-based designations such as “Mister” or “Miss”. Simply to do justice to all gender identities that, for example, cannot correspond to non-binary individuals.

Puppy Germany was born. With the support of Rheinfetisch e.V. we registered the title and were able to organize the first election event of Puppy Germany 2018 on the Cologne CSD weekend.

Other countries have already followed our initiative and have reconsidered their respective “Mister Puppy” titles since 2019. We are proud to have set such a sign with which we want to bring the queer puppy and fetish community together.

The title “Puppy Germany”

The role of the titleholder is to serve as an ambassador and representative of the queer puppy fetish community, helping people learn about the puppy community and to support and strengthen that community.

The titleholder is expected to act with dignity and respect and serve as a role model in the community. The titleholder carries the title for one year. As a member of the global titleholder network, the titleholder will be eligible and invited to participate in various national and international queer fetish and LGBTIQA+ events during their title year.

Organizing Team

  • Dannie (they/them)
  • Hero (he/him)
  • Leon (he/him)
  • Thaly (he/him)
  • Velox (he/him)

Our Sponsor Club

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