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Election 2024

  • The online election will take place from 14.07. (Start X:00 p.m. CET) until 04.08.2024.
  • The online election accounts for 33.33% of the overall election result. 
  • Visit each candidates profile page to learn more about them!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Regarding the online election, you only have one vote. Multiple votes are counted as invalid votes. Besides checking routines that we have implemented, it is up to you that there is a fair election in our community by sticking to this simple rule. 

Survey is only available in German language. If you need assistance because of any inconvinience send us an email info@puppygermany.de

You can find the link to the election below the candidates profiles. NOT ACTIVE!

Election notes

  • The Puppy Germany election rules 2024 are valid by April 7th, 2024.
  • Candidates were able to register from April 7th, 2024 until the registration deadline on June 1st, 2024. 5 candidates registered, one of whom was rejected by the Puppy Germany Committee. You can read the information on registration on the candidacy page 2024.
  • The order of the candidates was randomly drawn with the consent of the candidates on July 12th, 2024.
  • The online election will take place from July 14th to August 4th, 2024.
  • The public vote will take place on August 10th, 2024 in Hamburg.
  • The jury election will take place on August 10th, 2024 in Hamburg.


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Die Jury 2024

The jury’s evaluation of the Puppy Germany candidates accounts for one third of the overall election result. In addition, the jury selects the recipient of the PPG e.V. Verdienstpfote 2024 from the nominations submitted.

This is Astra (he/him)

Awroo!!! Cead Mile Failte!

I am Astra, European Puppy 2024 from the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

I’ve been involved in the Pet Play Scene for 7 years this year and am an avid volunteer and event organiser in Dublin. 

I bring this same energy into my Kinky self and describe myself as a „Service Setter“, Taking care of people’s Boots and Leather, as well as helping in whatever other ways I can 😘

I’m saving up my hugs fer ye all in Hamburg, and can’t wait to see you all there! Slainte 💚

This is Shkody/Dino (he/him)

Wraff wraff! Mirëdita ✨

I am Shkody, also known as Pup Dino! I am Mr Fetish Hessen 2023 and been pretty much involved in the whole german fetish and leather community. 

I focuse my work on advocating a diverse view of the fetish community and the gay community. 

As a gay muslim-albanian men I want to give hope to other people in similar situations. 

I also try to change the fetish and petplay Community from within and try to show that a Puppy does not need to be a western oriented person. 

Because „Love is Halal“ 

Hope to see you all in Hamburg ♥️🐾

This is Kerberos (he/him)

Hello and Servus 

I’m Kerberos 

I’m European handler 2024 and I’m the representer of the handling part of pet play

I have many fetishes and kinks ans I’m involved in several communities in Europe and Austria. My main goal is to get people to understand what handling is and what a handler does. 

I love to play with puppies and reward the good puppies with biscuits and other treats.

I’m from a quite rural area. And I also want to show the people that a titleholder or any other member of the community has to live in a big city.

Hope to see you all in Hamburg 

Love kerberos

This is Kieran (she/they/he)

Los Angeles Pup 2022 and second runner up for International Puppy 2023, is a Doberman guard-doggo and pony player from Los Angeles, California, USA, with a big bork for equity activism and a soft belly for community service scritches. 

With 10 years in the fetish scene and 5 years as a pup, they are genderqueer, polyamorous, bisexual, primal and a switchy impact player with a heart for service, healing, education and practicing joy in our kink community.

They thoroughly enjoy a good rough-and-tussle in a mosh pit, event organizing, media storytelling, contest judging, mentoring, sharing nuzzling encouragement with kink family near and far, educating on consent, practicing anti-racism, and sharing resources in our community. They believe pack knows no borders and we are stronger together! Woof!

This is Velox (he/him)

Awruff 🦊

I am Velox the Fox from Berlin and Puppy Germany 2023, co-founder of the Animalz Berlin club and board member of Pup Play Germany e.V.

As an activist, I provide information on issues surrounding LGBTQ+, fetish and also try to give important topics such as „mental health“ and „sexual education“ a face in our Pet Play community.

I am proud to be part of the jury for Puppy Germany 2024 and am looking forward to an exciting time during the election and a great weekend in Hamburg with my jury colleagues, friends, and the finalists.